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Brian is running for County Commission to fix our broken transportation system and fight for equality for all. Learn more by watching the video.

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“He recognizes the region must work and grow together, and his transit plan calls for new bus, rail, road and ferry options.”

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Over 600 people have invested in Brian and his campaign. More than any other County Comission candidate. Donate today to support Brian.

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On the Issues

Together, we can fix transportation and have a commission that stands up for the rights of all residents.

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Brian Willis is a 3rd-generation Hillsborough County native. He grew up in Carrollwood, graduated from Tampa Bay Tech, fished in his grandfather’s pond in East Hillsborough, and now lives with his wife, Phuong, in Tampa.  

Brian Willis' Vision For HIllsborough

New Leadership

Brian will bring new leadership to County Center. For decades the traditional leaders have failed to address critical issues.

Why Brian's Running
New Ideas

Brian wants to bring people together to support new ideas for the 21st century, not fight the fights of the previous decades. 

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Getting Things Done

Brian wants to get things done, not just stop bad ideas. Learn more about Brian on the issues and how he plans to tackle them.

Brian's Goals for Us